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alse", the language "Jin Shu Ying Zhan Chuan": "Mui Fu Xuan has a talent, the Linyi people are all blame. "The meaning of translating into modern Chinese is: Mei's character is impetuous but there is a talent for debate. No one in Linyi does not know Newport 100S. The explanation of the two words "Floating" and "��" is "There are many in my heart." Things have to move, and there is no place for them to settle, so there is no peace of mind everywhere. That is to say, people want too much. The so-called "difficult to fill", the boundless vanity and the mutual climb between people make people unreasonable. A lot of pressure. In such a society, fast-paced, high-tech, fierce competition and employment pressure, there will be all kinds of impetuous emotions, there is no shame, no one is not normal. The important thing is how to overcome the impetuous and completely overcome The problem of no longer recurring Whenever I am in a state of confusion, in addition to reducing my desires, I will pick up my name and write my name 100 times, sinking my heart. Because there is a word "static" in my name, the calligrapher does not I often write this word. There are many homes that don��t have a big ��quiet�� word. Static is a state of mind, a state, and a way of self-cultivation. Effective, overcoming temporary impetuousness is mainly to find a suitable method for yourself, some people are willing to read books, some people are willing to write and write, some people are willing to play, swim, consume physical strength, exhausted, naturally want peace of mind, and some People play games, focus on other things, distract their energy, and even some people meditate and meditation, meditating and meditation, I believe that it is better than being in a panic all day, etc., but also temporary. Want to eradicate, or The four words "reduce desire", it is impossible for people to live without desire Cheap Cigarettes. It must be there. It depends on what kind of desires are there. It is positive and not eager for quick success. It is not blind to learn from others. The most important thing is to be attentive. The goal is to be too ambitious. If you can't achieve it, it will be easy to be impetuous. The goal must be set from the actual target to divide the big goal into a small goal. This is easy to achieve, and it is easy to bring a sense of accomplishment; more hard work. Grab a goal to achieve, rather than multiple goals at the same time, distracting energy, no focus, this minute to do this, In a minute, I have to do that. In the end, I didn��t do anything in the end. The decision made should not be changed easily in a short period of time. Less opportunistic, I believe that if you don��t gain, you will pay. The effort is not enough; doing things seriously is not a matter of care; learning to meet difficulties, from time to time someone tells me that you are a girl who is not mixed well, including my parents, of course, they are eager to love, not to pour cold water for me For me personally Parliament Cigarettes, if you make a choice, you must take the initiative to overcome difficulties and respect your choices Marlboro Cigarettes. You must respect your own affairs and have your own opinions. The so-called "informed and learned" does not have to be blind and follow the trend. The most important point is that I feel that I have time or must squeeze time to read Chinese culture books. The culture of our country is profound and profound. The ancient civilizations have stood up for thousands of years Marlboro Red. They can cultivate subtle and calm temperament, even if they can��t be heroes, at least There is more than enough to "raise the power of Hao Hao.
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