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It was already late in the evening on the way home, and the sky was no longer clear and blue, but gradually became gloomy. After a while, it rained. I walked on the bluestone slab with an umbrella. Everything in the rain seemed to be covered with a layer of yarn Newport 100S, sly, beautiful and quiet. This kind of rain always makes me hallucinous. I can't help but think of him and her involuntarily. I can't help him to read him and her in the rain. I appreciate her meticulous and weak psychology, and reward him with a thousand miles and eclectic spirit. Appreciate her melancholy, sad mood, and appreciate his lonely, desolate life; like this kind of rain, this kind of rain always has a little romance, with a little tenderness, but also a little cool, a little sad. After a high and low wall on one side, I jumped over the small otter in the pit, and unconsciously came to the lotus pond in the community. It is a half-acre barley pond. The blossoming lotus flower swayed in the wind with a enchanting figure, vying for beauty and vomiting; each disk-like lotus leaf was covered in a pond, lined with lotus flowers, green and green, and dyed green. The water in the pool suddenly blows in with a gust of wind, with a cool fragrance, if it is left, if there is nothing. Lotus, yes, a touch of lotus, suddenly thought of a word that I have heard: the lotus is a sigh in the summer. Somehow I think of this metaphor, I can't help but feel a little pain. The rain gradually grew bigger and bigger, and under the heavy rain Marlboro Red, the lotus in the pond seemed to be more beautiful. They show their slim posture in the pond, pink, white, like a girl's smile, with the freshness and vitality of the summer, smiling to the passing people. Occasionally, there are a few breeze blowing over the cheeks. Occasionally, a few fish shuttled between the handles of the lotus leaves, laughing at a pool of green water, so beautiful, people are not willing to leave. Half an acre of Fangtang is open to the public, and the sky and clouds are shared. "Hetian jade-like lotus leaf is adorned with a few stars of water, and the wind blows, scattered all over the place, and wakes up the lotus seeds that meditate. The lotus leaves cover the lotus, the raindrops flow down the veins, and the drops fall and fall. On the water, I picked up a circle of cockroaches. Some people say that the summer breeze is the messenger of life. It blows away the lotus flower, and the lotus flower exudes the intoxicating fragrance to pay for it as the summer breeze. I think this may be It is nature that in its way, in the church, human beings must know how to report and the people you come to me Marlboro Cigarettes. Another wind blows, blowing off the leaves on the shore, and the lotus is standing in the water without any kind. At this time, it was discovered that the lotus leaf had been silently guarding the lotus flower, sheltering the lotus from the wind and rain, and the lotus leaf was the lotus life. It must be like this. The leaf��s selfless dedication to the flower is like the mother��s careful care of the child. With love, they use their bodies to shelter their children without any complaints. I admire the beauty of the lotus, and the dedication of the lotus leaves gives me more thoughts. Everyone praises the beauty of the lotus, the graceful, but often Intentional or unintentional I saw the lotus leaf. Although the lotus leaf is very beautiful, it has not received much attention from people. It seems to be dispensable. There is an old saying: safflower also needs green leaves to match, and beautiful things need to be set off. I thought Although the lotus is beautiful, but if the lotus leaf is missing a new green, it is afraid that although the beauty is also monotonous. The lotus is the protagonist of the summer, the lotus leaf is the foil of the lotus Marlboro Gold. The beauty of the lotus is inseparable from the lotus leaf, because there is a lotus The existence of the leaves, it will be so delicate and beautiful Marlboro Lights. The beauty of the lotus is not only in itself, but also in the foil of the lotus leaf, in its selfless dedication. When the lotus shows its beauty in the daytime, The lotus leaf is silently on the side, in the dead of night, alone reveals the fragrance. Perhaps, only in the early Qing Dynasty, the words are not spoken, waiting for the fragrance of the early summer, the lotus leaves will not be ignored. Here, I don't think I need to describe it in pale words. We only need an innocent heart, like a lotus, so the silence of the fingertips will be as real as the clouds. This summer, very soon, very Quickly drowning in the last game Rain. The next fall, turn on, with a fleeting hope, farewell sad, looking at the sky, bearing in mind that the last piece of memories .
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