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"They have complex visual senses, camouflage and signalling skills.

"The brains of cephalopods are ring shaped, and encircle the oesophagus, requiring them to pulversie their food before swallowing it," Norman explains.

Some nerve cells also control chromatophores, skin colour cells that, similar to a picture on a high definition television, can change instantly for camouflage. Other nerve cells also help them disappear in the blink Whole Cigarettes Newport of an eye when threatened.

"The squid giant axon [a giant nerve cell, not to be confused with a nerve cell from a giant squid] is the largest of any animal and controls escape behaviours," he says, adding that a single nerve cell can be 30 centimetres long, and up to 1 millimetre in diameter (the diameter of a human nerve cell is 0.1 millimetres by comparison).

"This means that the second the second the brain says 'go!' they're off. There is no delay as the message is transmitted between synapses as it is in other animals."

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