#1 Apparently rather less concerned with how cool he looks is Stuart Broad von usasmokingsale 09.08.2019 09:09

This week…

To be fair to him Cheap Cigarettes Outlet, he doesn't explicitly state that he's met these goals, so we can't question his modesty too much.

Apparently rather less concerned with how cool he looks is Stuart Broad.

Like almost everyone else, his bowling partner was unimpressed.

But it's as Paul Collingwood says.

Well if it's good enough for Gower…

One man bowing to the passage of time is Misbah-ul-Haq Newport Cigarettes Coupons, who has announced his impending retirement. Shoaib Akhtar paid tribute with this somewhat bizarre analogy.

Anyone who's ever so much as misplaced an apostrophe on Twitter will tell you that there's always some smart-arse willing to offer a correction Cigarettes Online USA.

Trent Woodhill is even going so far as to correct himself Cigarettes Online Free Shipping.

With the IPL now in full swing, we have no shortage of in-flight selfies to choose from Wholesale Cigarettes Online. We're giving this one the nod this week for having the greatest number of willing participants Cheap Cigarettes Online USA. Good work, Shikhar.

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