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I have heard that in the mountainous area of ??Anhua, there is a village called "Dong Bing". I also heard that there is an old man in the village who is good at "Dong Li", which has a pure taste and a rich fragrance. A mysterious and poetic Dong Bing picture has always been imaginary in the world I imagined, and it is not scattered in the early spring and early spring. In a beautiful and sunny day, I and friends like Songbo, Xinwen, Dezhong and so on. After walking Dong Feng, the picture that has been falsified for a long time is clearly defined. In my feelings, Dong Bing is an ordinary family cottage. Songbo and Dezhong are engaged in painting. When they enter the cottage, they go to the ground to find a very simple rural landscape: a huts, a long-established tile house, a shepherd boy across the mouth of a cow. Nursery rhymes. However, all these scenes are difficult to find. Part of the scene, mostly revealing a ruined atmosphere, it is difficult to find a simple and poetic feeling. Most of the villagers have built houses with brick-concrete structures, and some old houses have been abandoned for many years. Song Bo will only paint the "locked water bridge" with one heart mokingusacigarettes.com. He climbed a bald willow on the river and sketched it. Dezhong did it alone. He eventually found a picture in the village, sitting on a wall of wood and sketching a picture of the country Wholesale Cigarettes. Under the guidance of the young master and others, I and the idlers, like Xinwen, walked lazily along the banks of Dongbing River. When the winter and spring alternate seasons, Dong Bingbazi gave me a feeling of skinnyness. There are some bushes on the mountain, but the color is very light. The tall bald willows along the banks of the river are like swords and arrows, and they are sloping; The river is shallow and shallow, but it flows arrogantly, but every time it is, it is arrogant. According to legend, Dong Bingyuan was called "Dong X", and gradually felt that the "X" word sounds mean, easily misleading, and it was called "Dong Bing". In the late Ming Dynasty, Dong Bing began to smoke, first from the migration of Kong, Yi and Bai. It was counted on dozens of people. Now it has grown to more than 400 people in more than 400 people. Dong Bing is located in the valley of the lower reaches of Dongbing River. The township government Anhua resident south of the mountainous area, low altitude, sufficient water source, 160 acres of arable land Carton Of Cigarettes, the main production of rice, wheat, broad beans, artichokes, flue-cured tobacco, oil and a small amount of wood. Dongbing Dahe originated from Yuxi Longma Mountain, with a total length of 13 kilometers. It flows through Anhua, Zaogutian, Dongbing, Sanjia, Pomacang, Weiwei and Datun, and eventually flows into Dongfeng Reservoir. According to the test, Dong Bing Dahe had three major floods: one was Qing Emperor Kangxi 50 years (1711) in mid-July, one night of heavy rain, flash floods, rivers soared, coastal farmland was flooded; once was Qing Emperor Qianlong 50 years (1785) In mid-July, the heavy rain was like a pillar, and Dongbing River was flooded. The dam pond was rushed across, and there were countless floods in Tianhe. This was a rare disaster in the past 100 years. One was in the 35th year of the Republic of China (1946), August. For more than ten days, Dong Binghe��s waters were fierce, and the silkworms did not have coastal crops. To this end, in the
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