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In the meantime, it is another year of clearing. It��s rare to have a sunny weather and feel a lot of comfort. There is no lingering drizzle, and a different kind of "Qingming" is displayed in front of people's eyes. When the trip, the sun has already appeared, and the golden sun is falling beside him. Far from the sound of firecrackers, you can't help but think of the rituals when you go out. Since the "failure" was named "White Joy", many ceremonies have been attached. The original good heart and good intentions have changed because of some excessive decoration. If Confucius, who is trying to maintain the "ritual", sees this, what will he say? A few children who are still ignorant start to run and dance happily without the steps of the adults. What is overflowing with them is spring. Therefore, they suddenly caught the breath of new life. "Wow, beautiful flowers, I want to pick them up, and then give them to Atai." The child's heart is always so cute, although I have never seen "A Tai", but because of the embarrassment of the adults, I always remember to board. The steps of one section and one section arrived at the solemn place next to the solemn place where people dared not say a word. They were still as tall and straight as they were in memory. After a slight breath, everyone began to work and wiped out the broom with a broom. The dust of the year, the stars swayed in the sun, and did not know what the elders looked at in the mind when they looked at the names on the tombstones Marlboro Gold. People may be forgetful, but some people can't forget how some things are in their hearts. As Shi Tiesheng said, "some things are only suitable for collection Cigarettes For Sale, can't be said, can't think," which may be the meaning of "the Qingming sacrifice". Where you are, "Don't do it, love and hate the illusion of ignorance; I respect you, a cup of dry dawn", put some wine and fruit, offer the wild flowers that the children bought and the children, then burn some paper money, ten fingers tight Match, decapitate with the most sincere heart. Every movement seems to have condensed the power of the millennium, and people dare not breathe. It is true that "the deceased is already awkward". In today's scientific development, everyone knows that there is no such thing as a "god". But the kind of respect and thoughts will let us believe, pray, and then continue to live in peace." One inch of time and one inch of heart, in fact, looking back, we should not ignore the old people who are still optimistic and alive. They are still alive, and they should care for them with the true intentions of the deceased and even more than that, instead of after a hundred years Marlboro Cigarettes, each Qingming, silently mourning the blue sky. According to the saying "Year of the Year": Everything grows at this time, it is clean and clear, so it is clear. From this point of view, the "Qingming" is set in April, let it spread in the warm and cold, is the enlightenment of the ancients to the hearts of the public. The common things in life will inevitably blind people's hearts, people will be lost and "the rain will be clear in the Qingming Festival". The unrepresented rain after the festival will quietly wash the heavens and the earth, when the spring blossoms, Open layer of yarn, showing the true nature of life. Therefore, people are more clean, clear, clear and clear. They have gone away, scattered, and divided. Everyone has returned to the existing trajectory with their own sentiments. The sun is getting stronger and stronger, and the heart is bright and open.

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