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Marketing In Banking Marketing Articles | January 27 Cheap Milan Skriniar Jersey , 2007
Banking has emerged into the world trends of marketing as its interests and demands required more effective, safer and simpler services for customers.

With access to cheaper funds through GDRADR issues, Euro loans etc. big corporations are shying away from bank finance. This trend of disintermediation among corporate has caused the banks to focus on Retail portfolio for growth. Retailing makes sense from Risk Management perspective also since it reduces Concentration Risk. With the focus on Retail Banking, banks are giving market segmentation a serious look to identify the differences between groups of potential customers and to decide which products can be served to which groups.

There are the following groups of banking customers:

Self-Directed Planners. Well educated, slightly above average income, seek financial information from variety of sources and retain control of financial matters Cheap Mauro Icardi Jersey , frequently use financial products, open to borrowing, accept reasonable risk.

Simplifiers. Less educated, less affluent, older, do not seek financial advice often Cheap Matias Vecino Jersey , use fewer more basic products, prefer local banks, least open to borrowing, tolerate low risk only, not sensitive to price, prefer face to face contact.

Fickle Shoppers. Average income Cheap Marco Pissardo Jersey , predominantly non working female, do not seek financial advice, use fewer more basic products, open to borrowing particularly on credit cards, accept reasonable risk, not so sensitive to price Cheap Marcelo Brozovic Jersey , prefer remote channels ? specifically ATM or telephone banking.

Advice Seekers. Well educated, affluent, predominantly male, seek financial advice, heavy users of financial products, higher transaction frequency Cheap Jonathan Biabiany Jersey , tolerate higher risk, very sensitive to price, prefer face to face contact.

When it comes to segmenting industry for lending Small & Medium Enterprises are the current favourites of both banks and RBI. There is increasing talk of banking sector getting transformed from large number of small banks to small number of large banks. The presumption is that there is a definite premium on size. But as long as they have a niche in customer service, small banks will continue to exist and thrive since banking is no assembly line manufacturing and is all about building and fostering customer relationships

Old Trends Lend Themselves to Today鈥檚 Home Interior Designs

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Do you want to know about new home interior trends for 2009? Maybe you are getting your house ready to sell, relocating to a new office complex, building a new custom property Cheap Joao Mario Jersey , or just needing a scenery change. Do you want to know about new home interior trends for 2009? Maybe you are getting your house ready to sell, relocating to a new office complex, building a new custom property, or just needing a scenery change. There are varying themes, styles, and tastes when it comes to interior design. There are a lot of trends emerging as a result of builders offering more customizable options. Open floor plans continue to be popular Cheap Joao Cancelo Jersey , along with energy efficient designs, and practical ideas that are tasteful.
From the 1800s to the early 1900s houses were special in that the interior design of a large home was divided to create discrete areas. The bedrooms for the family were located upstairs, while practical servant's quarters were located near the kitchen on the lower levels. A powder room was frequently located downstairs and an en suite bathroom was adjacent to the parents' master bath. The children often lived in their own private quarters of the house, often down a long hallway, giving the parents privacy. In some cases, in-laws or guests stayed in a carriage house. This home interior trend is popular again for 2009 Cheap Jeison Murillo Jersey , with two or three bedroom suites and extra bathrooms being more popular. Buyers want the bedrooms for children and those for parents or in-laws on opposite sides to provide them with a peaceful area to retreat. These suites are normally in an isolated part of the house with 300 to 400 square feet with a full bath and maybe a sitting room.

Family spaces should continue to be popular through 2009, according to home interior experts. Having a family room and kitchen placed at the back of the house, known as "rear living", is an increasingly popular trend; this allows whoever is cooking in the kitchen to easily interact with guests, or keep an eye on kids in the living room. There is more of an "open concept" feel to many modern designs with fewer walls e

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