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If you believe in a higher power, you will find prayer very helpful as well. Just turn your problem or situation over to God, the Universe, the higher power, and pray for guidance and right outcome. Then give a prayer of thanks for getting that guidance, maybe even add, Gee, I wonder how you get me out of this one Cigarettes Online USA, and then take a deep breath and proceed to step five from the previous article: Do what you can one thing at a time. One of my favorite resources is the Unity Prayer Line, which you can reach 24/7 at 1800-NOW-PRAY. it free and incredibly helpful.

So let recap: Get a hug, take a hot bath, exercise, try some calming herbs Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, and/or pray not necessarily in that order, will help you stay calm in tough times. Want more stress tips? Get Elisabeth Kuhn FREE stress-busting strategies report and reclaim your inner calm.

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