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Ensure that your business model is working
Could your business model work in light of the current market and potential clients? This is often a point to ignore, but many startups fail because their business model isn't working.
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Find financing for your business
Will it cost you a large sum to start your business? This is a key factor in whether your company can operate because it depends on your resources and your ability to raise finance if necessary, i.e. small business grants, business angels, and venture capital.
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4. Test your business hypothesis
Once you get some carefully thought out business ideas, it's time to quickly test and validate whether your proposed business hypothesis works in the real world. Many entrepreneurs who have skipped this stage end up wasting a lot of time chasing projects that will never succeed. Now that we have proven that this is a good step to test your ideas and research, this section explores different ways of marketing to test different ideas.

Be accurate when measuring performance
When testing a proposed business, you can evaluate the performance of any project in different ways, so it is important first to determine what you want to measure to measure success or failure. Here are some suggested measures to start:
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How much revenue can you generate / how many products can you sell?
How much customer attention can you generate?
How much bad press / reputation can it generate?
Various test methods
According to the title of this section, you should find the fastest, cheapest and most powerful way possible to test and publish your workplaces. How you do it largely depends on your business idea, here are some of the most common ways that meet the criteria listed above.

Create a landing page and implement email marketing
If you have services or businesses based on a specific solution and will be your primary online sales channel, this is often the fastest way to test:

Set up a fast one-page website (for non-technical people Wix is ​​a good solution).
Make her look and feel professional (you can get a $ 5 logo / trademark from Feverer).
List your services / solutions.
Add a contact email.
Find and contact emails of ideal potential buyers about your service.
Then manage communications and see if anyone is interested, if not asking why and consistency.

Build an online store and buy ads
If your idea involves selling products online:

Create a fast online store (WordPress, Shopify or BigCommerce are good options).
Add a brand and make everything look professional.
Add sarcastic graphics to your products.
Add contact details and sort an email.
Spend £ 25 on Facebook ads and see how many clicks, sales and how much revenue you can earn.

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